Standing desks have been available for ages, although they're becoming more widespread today as people and companies are now getting to realize the benefits that these they offer to the body. Studies have shown that people who sit for an extended period or those who lead a sedentary lifestyle are much more vulnerable to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and a shorter life span.These symptoms are collectively referred to as "sitting disease." Worse enough, the long-term effects of sitting for long cannot be easily countered by diet or exercise.When people stand while working, even if it's just for 4 hours or more a day, it can have a huge effect on their body and health. Glad enough, doing this won't be difficult when you have the right equipment.Sit-stand desks, often known as height-adjustable desks or standing desks, are furniture arrangements that allow you to stand up comfortably while working at your desk; they offer easy adjustability and make it very hassle-free for you to change posture while working. Flexispot is a top-notch company that design, manufacture and sell high-quality and affordable sit-stand desks that’ll keep you productive, active, and energized.Using this type of equipment at work comes with tons of countless benefits, and they can help to improve the workflow of a company. Let's take a look at the scientifically backed benefits.

Longer Life Expectancy
Are you aware that you can live longer by merely standing up more and sitting down less?Well, research has shown that active people tend to have longer life expectancy than their inactive counterparts. Because of this, a standing desk can be seen as an efficient choice when compared to other forms of desks. Sitting down at a desk for a very long period can cause you physical harm; because fat accumulates in your liver, brain, heart and other organs.Also, your body becomes more easily tired, and your muscles lose their tone and definition. Workers who sit all day have tremendous potentials for weight gain and to help them out, a sit-stand desk would do.

Better Ergonomics
Since sitting is not a natural position, an extended period of sitting behind a desk can lead to numerous problems like neck and shoulder pain, leg cramps, backaches, headaches, sciatica, and even vision issues.Standing all day can as well be painful, but then, a sit-stand desk is the best solution.A sit-stand desk makes you feel better, work better and be more productive at work. In addition to that, it helps you to better interact with your coworkers. It gives you access to your supply rooms, team members, office equipment and more.These desks are suitable for computer desk users, home office workers, cubicle dwellers, office executives, and students. So, it'll be good to check out for sit-stand desks at Flexispot and take control of your productivity and health.

Better Overall Health
The present-day century lifestyle is more sedentary than it used to be. Obesity and diabetes are also predominant.A regular exercise and healthy diet are still the best way to prevent diabetes and lose weight, but then, a standing desk comes in handy most especially to those who’re not used to exercising. A sit-stand desk helps you to stay fit, healthy and remain active throughout the day and during desk work.Of course, standing can also be strenuous, and you might not be able to handle more than 20 minutes at a time. Luckily, most sit-stand desks are adjustable, and with them, you can easily switch from standing to sitting and back again. You can also vary your position and change it without hassles.

Reduces Back Pain
Back Pain is one of the greatest and prevailing complaints made by office workers who sit all day while working. It's something that about 80% of adults experience over their lifetime.Studies have been undergone to discover the impact of a sit-stand desk on office workers who're having back pain. And according to the "Take-a-stand-project" embarked in 2011, it was discovered that workers who spent an average of 66 minutes of their time standing while working experienced 54% reduction in upper back and neck pain.If the participants of the "Take-a-stand-project" had such a dramatic result, imagine what standing could do for you.

Improves General Mood
An increase in sitting time often leads to a high chance of both anxiety and depression. One can then reason that standing can promote happiness and improve mood.During the "Take-a-stand-project, a team of 24 office workers were all given a standing desk, and after four weeks of use, they reported that their mood states were improved.Those who participated in the studies were asked series of questions regarding the importance of switching between standing and sitting positions and their responses were as follows:87% felt energized, 87% felt more comfortable, 71% felt more comfortable, 62% felt happier, 75% felt healthier, 33% felt less stressed, and 66% felt more productive when they used the standing desks at their workplace.Remarkably enough, the participants reported a deterioration in mood when the sit-stand desks were removed. With this we can see that to obtain the full benefits, it's ideal to get a standing desk as part of a complete lifestyle adjustment.

Increased Energy Levels
It's very easy to become weary and lethargic when sitting around all day; this will undeniably affect your productivity and willingness to partake in activities outside of work.A sit-stand desk encourages good blood flow, keeps your mind alert and thus prevent every form of drowsiness.

Boost Your Productivity
One of the mutual concerns amongst those interested in using a standing desk is the ability to complete daily tasks such as answering phone calls and typing.Even though it might take time to get used to working while standing, there has not been negative impacts on daily activities reported by those who use standing desks.The boost in energy and mood, as well as the reduction in shoulder, neck and back pain, is likely to improve mental alertness and productivity. Studies have revealed that in some offices were standing desks was introduced, the productivity increased by 46%.

When the body is in good shape, it functions more effectively, and this can, in turn, boost productivity.

Develops Core Strength
In addition to improving your posture, standing up also helps to build your core muscles.The long-term benefits of using a sit-stand desk include improved stability and balance, reduced lower back pain, and makes it easier for you to bend, lift and carry heavy objects.

How can Sit-Stand Desk Improve A Company's Workflow
Groups like the Centre For Disease Control and the American Medical Association and have shown that sit-stand desks help to battle the health-related issues that stem from a quiet work environment.A healthy workforce is beneficial to both your employees and your organization. When your employees are healthy, they'll be happier, productive and more productive.They'll log fewer sick days and thus reduce insurance costs paid out by companies.You might want to ask, how does a sit-stand desk impact employee health?Well, it'll gladden you to know that standing throughout the day decreases fatigue, boosts fat-burning metabolism and increases blood circulation. Besides, research has shown that sit-stand desks might contribute to an increased level of HDL cholesterol as well.

Standing Encourages Team Building
A lot of companies have tried sit-stand desks, and they noticed that their employees felt free to connect with themselves and move around the office.The interactions will help to create a team culture that leads to an energizing workplace atmosphere and fresh collaborations.

Improves Your Employees Productivity
When your employees stand while working, their muscles are engaged and able to pump fresh blood to the brain. The blood will trigger the release of chemicals that can enhance their brain as well as their mood.Companies that use sit-stand desks found out that it leads to an improved concentration on task completion and increased energy level.

Transformative Spaces
Another strong appeal of sit-stand desks is that they are flexible, adjustable and can adapt to specific work needs of a company. You can adjust the height of your work surface to whatever meeting you're having.In addition to that, employees can easily tweak their private space into an environment that suits their needs and mood.For companies that don't have the room spaces, height-adjustable desks can be used as a creative and hybrid solution.

Mood Impact
In addition to other benefits, sit-stand desks might also increase mental awareness. While sitting in a chair for about 8-10 hours every day can lead to spacing out moments and drowsiness, standing can increase awareness and purpose.The increased energy level will help your employees to stay engaged during regular workday slump hours.A focused and productive workflow will lead to greater collaboration with co-workers, better morale and more effective interactions with clients.

The above benefits may not be the only ones you'll find out as you try out this new lifestyle. The improvements in physical, mental and metabolic health can impact your life in diverse ways.Standing desks can also improve the workflow in your organization while promoting an interactive and healthy culture.If you're considering getting a sit-stand desk, we recommend that you contact Flexispot and have them meet your needs. They design, manufacture and sell crank adjustable-height desks, pneumatic standing desks, and electric height adjustable desks. Companies that invest in these desks are wise.

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